The Gum Wall - Revisted

Seattle is full of quirky places, The Gum Wall near Pike Place Market is one of them. 

It's tradition to become a gum artist when you're visiting Post Alley. Meaning, you pop the gum from your mouth and add it to the already colorful minty ones on the walls. Yes, it's disgusting, but you HAVE to do it.

Sticking with the BFF

It's a good idea to have gum on you, before you come. I didn't and tried to bum one off a tourist, but she wouldn't share. So I went to Ghost Alley Espresso to buy gum. Try their coffee - so good! Their Salted Nut Mocha was the bomb! 

The Gum Wall is also the second germiest place in the world. I don't blame the neighboring business wanting the Gum Wall cleaned up. So as of Fall of 2015, the city of Seattle cleans up the Wall twice a week. They generously leave a portion of the minty art alone. If you want your gum to stick into posterity, stick it on there. 


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