Magnificent Maui-Day Two, Part Two

Friday started out fabulously, with the sunrise on Haleakala. The rest of the day was relatively low key.

We had lunch reservations at Mama’s Fish House in Paia at 3pm. But we got a bit peckish before the Friday prayers. So we stopped at Geste Shrimp Truck on the side of Kahului Beach Road in Kahului. If you like shrimp, then put this on the top of your To Eat list. I’m not that fond of shrimp and I loved it! For $14, you get a large helping of cleaned, flavorful, spicy shrimp, a scoop of rice and mac n cheese.

Happiness and Shrimp
It’s cash only. You can pop a squat on the side with your shrimp. We huddled over the tailed goodness in our car. It was so frikkin good, that we didn’t want to waste the flavor on a fork. We went straight in, Desi style, with our fingers. I didn’t want to wash my hands after!

Since it was Friday, it was important for K & I to attend prayers at the Mosque in Maui. The Islamic Center of Maui, in Kahului is open only for the Friday Congregation prayers. The mosque is small but clean and the a/c felt gorgeous on a hot day!

After the prayers, we headed to Paia. Mama’s Fish House is right by the ocean. The location was beautiful, as was the restaurant itself. Be sure to ask for a table close to the lanai. The fish they serve, is caught personally by them earlier in the day. I was really looking forward to lunch and the presentation was lovely, but I was disappointed with the food. 

My salad & K's Fish
Maybe it was a bad day for them, or maybe our dietary restriction (no alcohol, gluten free) hampered the taste, or maybe our taste buds wanted more Geste Shrimp. Whatever, I didn’t enjoy lunch. But I LOVED the view from our table! The sea breeze through the trees, the sound of the surf and birds truly gave it an Aloha feel.

We hung out at the beach after lunch. That was the best part of my lunch experience.

Island ing  it in a canoe


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