Travel Third Ear Piercing

I don’t know what it is, but in the past few visits to Bangalore, I felt this compulsion to get more piercings done. Not too adventurous, just in my ears. Which is apparently “old fashioned” according to Selvaraj the Piercer.

Selvaraj is a family go to piercings person. He was the one who re did my nose & second piercings in my ears.

The journey to Selvaraj is magical. The side street of Commercials is lined with jewelers. Selvaraj’s shop is at the end of the first slit in the wall on the left.  It’s like getting into the inner sanctum of the piercing world. Commercial Street is uber crowded, Jeweller’s street is a little less so, Slit in the wall- the crowd is now a trickle, and in Selvaraj’s shop it’s just you, him, melody from the stereo and maybe your mom.

Normally I’m excited to get more piercings, but this time I was scared. I had a feeling something would go wrong. And it did. Not only did it hurt, but, Mr. Family Piercer had to re-do the right ear. OWIE!

Decked up for a shoot
But all’s well that ends well. The piercings are all healed, and I’m looking forward to putting rings in it. Total Taurus style!


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