Malleshwaram- Eat, Pray, Shop

A blend of old Bangalore and new, Malleshwaram is a neighborhood you can easily spend an entire day in. And that is exactly what the effervescent Sharmilla Shah of Sharmilla Shah Photography, and I did. We ate, prayed and shopped our way through!


So many places, so little time! Sharmilla and I tried to do a mix of the most popular places with the lesser known ones. Like CTR.  I couldn't believe that I had stayed away from this deliciousness my entire life! The butter masala dosa was like a new lease on life. Crispy, filled with spiced potatoes and served with spicy chutneys, it was South Indian Heaven! Everything I had heard about CTR was an understatement. Don't forget to wash down your dosa with a glass of South Indian coffee. The chicory in it gives it a kick. 

Shri Raghavendra Stores is like one of those magical shacks you read about. Tiny place serving food packed with flavor, its a true hidden gem. The quirky thing about it is that it's right outside the local train station. Consider taking your food to go, and devour it on the train platform. This place is by far my favorite train station in India. Small, clean, slowly busy with big shady trees, you could see why it inspired R.K.Narayan to weave magic in his books. If you haven't read any, I would recommend Malgudi Days to be your first. Fun fact, Mr.Narayan took the "Mal" in Malgudi from Malleshwaram and the "gudi" from Basavangudi, another of Bangalore's older neighborhoods. 


There are a lot of temples in Malleshwaram to visit. We went to the popular Kaadu Malleshwara temple. Roughly translated as the 'Forest of Malleshwaram', this is where the neighborhood began way back in the 1600s. If you want to just check the place out, go anytime. But I'd recommend going for the Aarti, the time when the the Lord Shiva is worshipped and honored. Yes there is a crowd but it's organized. It was busy when we went, but peaceful. The sound of the bells and the play of light through the trees was ethereal and something you should experience.


The population of Malleshwaram is mostly people who are native to Karnataka, Kannadigaas. If you'd like to experience their culture, step into any store that sells silk, like Kalaammruth. The south Indian Hindus have a special saree that they were for weddings, the 9 yard saree. I wanted to have one tied on me, and the people at Kalaammruth were helpful and knowledgeable. Real patience they had with Sharmilla and me. A family owned store with a beautiful collection of silk sarees, Kalaammruth on 8th Cross is worth checking out.

8th Cross is the most popular shopping boulevard in Malleshwaram. It can be overwhelming, what with the stores sharing walls and the amount of people and cars on that little street. Don't let it overwhelm you though. Step into any of the shops, and peruse your way. The people of Malleshwaram and kind. They won't push you into buying anything you don't want to. 

Malleshwaram got me hook, line and sinker. There are many nooks and crannies I wanted to explore. I know for sure I'll be going back!

For those asking:

My ring, ear jacket, nose-pin, and top are from Timri in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Cute, fair-trade store with awesome owners. :) 


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