A Family Picnic

If you've seen my travel videos, you know I can get crazy fun. I've inherited that, and my extended family is large. When we get together, it's a riot! Like when 20 of us went on a Picnic to a resort, Shilahaandara, nestled between ancient granite boulders.

The lot of us met at my Parent's place in Bangalore, India at 7am one sunny Saturday before heading off to Ramnagar. My family is an early bird. It's also a foodie one. So we had to stop for a south Indian breakfast before the actual picnic. We not only had breakfast, but also bought more than enough snacks to fill a huge bag. Like I said, we love our food. 

The drive to Ramnagar is lovely. As we leave the city behind, the road opens up to fields on either side. As we get closer to Ramnagar, humongous granite monoliths make their presence felt. 

Ramnagar is little more than an hour drive from Bangalore. It's claim to fame is the iconic Bollywood movie, Sholay. Substantial parts of it were shot in Ramnagar, especially the ones featuring the villain, Gabbar Singh. The area has something called a Gabbar Singh Walk, which takes Sholay lovers to the villain's hideout. Exciting! And on my to do list for the next time.

Shilahaandara is not a place for people with mobility issues. To get to the resort you have to climb steep steps before walking through a long corridor. There are no wheelchairs. It was hard, but my family, just like how we faced tough times, did it together, taking one step at a time. 

What I liked about Shilahaandara was that it had a little something for everybody. If you wanted a taste of adventure, you could pay extra and go zip-lining. Scrambling over granite boulders to get to the zip lining platform was a workout! 

If you wanted to relax, you could do that by the pool. Don't mind the excited squeals and splashes though. 

One of my favorite parts of the day was how we ended it. A few of us went exploring and found ourselves on a large granite outcrop. It was the golden hour, and even though the resort was teeming with people, it was just the six of us there. 

Us six minus one
It was an excellent vantage point to see three of my nieces and nephews acing it on the ropes. You have to see the video to know what I'm talking about!


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