Tulip Blooms In Oregon

Who said Tulip fields are only in the Netherlands? The Pacific Northwest has them too. And that's where K & I spent a sunny spring day. The Woodenshoe Tulip Farm is in Woodburn, Oregon, about an hour's drive from Portland. 

We reached Woodburn quickly enough, but man, had to wait in a long caravan of cars just to get into the farm! We waited for close to an hour. So, if you don't plan to go early in the day, pack snacks and music. 

The Tulip fields are totally worth the wait! Bright, beauties as far as the eye can see! Unlike the other Tulip farms I've been to, you can walk between the rows. And walk I did. Be careful though. The mud is slippery, so good shoes are a must. 

When the weather is good, the Woodenshoe Tulip Farm has hot air balloon rides. You got to get before 10 in the morning though. We missed them by a long shot. 

Besides walking and doing a Silsila, there are other things you can do at the farm, like trying your hand at making a wooden shoe, being a Sharaabi and sipping on the local wine, shop, and maybe buy tulips fresh off the farm. 

If you want to visit the Tulip farm, make sure you check their website on the status of the blooms. We were lucky to have good weather the weekend the fields were in almost full bloom. I'm going back for sure next year. Maybe in a Saree, and have a Bollywood style photo shoot. Oh man, K is not going to be happy!

In case you're wondering, the jacket I have on is from Alkemy and my nose pin is from Timri. Both Bangalore based, fair trade small businesses. 


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